How to choose the right eCommerce platform?

Don’t try to choose a eCommerce platform by comparing the features. You’ll simply get lost.

Unless you have experience with certain platform in the past, choose the most popular one.

Many people who plan to set up their first online store try to make a choice by comparing the pros and cons of these platforms. We believe that’s not an productive approach for the most cases.

Many people think their new stores are unique and thus need certain platform and and then custom development. That’s not true.

The truth is any of the eCommerce platform may meet 99% of the needs of your store. For the remained 1%, we recommend you simply give it up. That 1 percentage of unique functionality would cost your 30% or more of time and money. However it would never bring 30% more of sales.

The truth is your store will be very successful as long as you have properly implemented all of the common features and techniques delivered by any platform and its add-ons. 

If you have no particular reason to choose any certain eCommerce platform, just choose the most popular one.