9 Advanced WooCommerce Coupon Features that Boost Sales

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These advanced coupon features are powerful but we don’t recommend you to try them until you have used the basic coupon features delivered with WooCommerce to their best.

Also don’t add a coupon plugin to your store simply because it sounds powerful.

Instead we recommend you:

  • Design a coupon based on your business need;
  • Figure out what features are required by your coupon;
  • Look for plugin(s) that deliver the features you need.

To help you design a coupon that works for your own business, we prepared the following inspiring coupon features. If you find a feature that really match you business, try the listed plugins.

1. Referral coupon

Let your customers refer their friends to your store. Both the referrer and referred customer get rewarded with discount coupons.

2. URL coupon

This feature allows you to add a unique URL to any coupon in your WooCommerce store. When the URL is used or clicked on, it automatically applies the coupon discount.

3. Auto coupon

Improve customer experience by automatically applying coupons when customers viewing matched products.

4. Subscription coupon

If you sell by subscription, offer a coupon that can be used for new subscription and/or renewal.

5. Coupon on purchase

Keep customers returning to your store by offering a coupon for next order when s/he purcahses a certain product.

6. Coupon for new customers

Reward new customers by offering a coupon when they sign up with yoru store.

7. Coupon shortcodes

If you’re a WordPress veteran, you must want shortcode feature to display coupons.

8. Review for discounts

Encourage customers to review what they buy by offering a coupon when they submit a coupon.

9. Conversational coupon

Double the power of coupons by letting Acobot virtual shop assistant offer coupons to you customers.


Bonus: The Full List of Coupon Features and Plugins

If you want even more features or want to choose a plugin for your unique needs, download the following spreadsheet. It’s free.

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