How Can I Set Up Cross Selling for My Shopify Store?

Shopify platform doesn’t deliver cross selling feature by default. However you can add cross selling to your store easily by choose the right theme or apps.

The Themes with Cross Selling Feature

Among the official Shopify themes, there are about 70 themes that include with a “product recommendation” section, which delivers cross selling function out of the box.

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Choosing the Right Cross-Selling App

There are over 160 apps under the category of “Upselling and cross-selling” of Shopify app store.

To quickly choose an app that’s for your online store, ask yourself the following three simple questions.

1. Do you want use incentive offer for cross selling?

With incentive offer like discounts or free gift, you can boost the results of cross selling remarkably. The corn is the setting up incentive offers requires more time and efforts and you may need to take your discount and coupon into consideration.

2. Do you have 100 or more products?

If yes, you need to consider the cross selling apps that include automatic recommendation apps, which typically utilize the order history of your store.

3. Do you wan to use popups?

Popup may boost the results of cross selling. If you haven’t used exit popups for other purpose, you may also consider the apps that use exit popups for cross selling and upselling.

When you have the answers to the above questions, download the table of top ten Shopfiy cross selling apps with feature comparison and you can then choose the right app for your store easily.

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