What Is Cart Abandonment?

Cart Abandonment is an eCommerce term used to describe a visitor on a web page who leaves that page before completing the purchase.

Why should you care about cart abandonment?

It’s quiet straightforward, customers show interest in your products but they leave without completing checkout. You lose what you pay for driving traffic to your store. you lose potential sales you may get otherwise.

By applying cart abandonment prevention or cart recovery techniques, you can boost conversions and increase sales remarkably.

What is a normal cart abandonment rate?

The average cart abandonment rate is around 70% for today’s online stores, based on 41 studies with statistics on e-commerce shopping cart abandonment. Source: Bymard Institute.

However you shouldn’t take that number to measure the performance of your store. The cart abandonment rates may vary greatly by industry and some other factors.

The better approach is to compare your current rate with the past ones. If the number is increasing, you should look into it.

Can I reduce cart abandonment rate to zero?

You can reduce cart abandonment rate by optimizing your store. However it’s impossible to eliminate cart abandonment totally because many of the interested customers are not ready to buy yet.

What are the trends of cart abandonment rate?

The average cart abandonment rate has been climbing in the recent 5 years, reaching 69.57% in 2019.

That means if you do not take actions address the cart abandonment issue, you may expect an increasing cart abandonment rate for your store.