Why is Cross Selling Important?

What is cross selling?

Cross selling is the practice of suggesting complementary or relevant products or services to an existing customer during the buying process to increase revenue.

Mcdonald’s staff’s “Would you like fries with that?” is one of many examples of cross selling we can see in daily life.

Why is cross selling important?

Cross selling increases the sales

It does so by making customers buy more than they thought they would.

It also increases the lifetime value of the customers by transforming not profitable customers to profitable customers.

For more than a half century, McDonald’s staff’s “Would you like fries with that?” has been adding millions to the company’s revenue every year.

Unless you’re selling a single product, you should consider to use cross selling techniques for your advantage.

Many eCommerce stores have increased their sales using cross selling.

If you suspect that, think Amazon’s lists of products “customers who bought this item also bought.” Amazon has a huge team of data scientists to measure the efficiency of every sales technique. Their put the recommendation on not only product page but also many other places. Why? Cross selling does work well.

Cross selling benefits customers

Cross selling enhances customer experience. When merchants use cross selling to educate customers about related products, customers get to know about more products which could be useful to them.

Typically cross selling isn’t considered annoying. Unlike many other sales techniques, cross selling is usually considered by customer as a suggestion and not an annoying and deceiving practice.

Cross Selling is easy to implement

Many eCommerce sales techniques might be effective but can be difficult to implement, especially for small businesses who lack IT expertise.

Cross selling is relevant simple and easy to implement.

WooCommerce has built-in support for cross selling and the owners of WooCommerce stores can easily set up cross selling options for their products.

For Shopify store owners, man apps with cross selling features are available from Shopify App store.


You should use cross selling for your online store for the following reasons.

  • Cross selling is an important way to increase your sales.
  • Cross selling may benefit your customers.
  • Cross selling is relevant easy to implement.